Malingering vs Factitious Disorder

1 Aug

Malingering → siMulation of Sx for secondary gain (Money, drugs, absents of work,”cold feet” = afraid to get Married). It’s not a disorder.

FAKtitious disorder → FAKing of Sx w/o secondary gain. These patients just want to be sick (they love the sick role and the attentions they got in a hospital). It’s a disorder, as the name shows.

Felty’s Syndrome medical mnemonic

5 Jul

Felty’s syndrome is the arthritis in which the spleen can be felt-y on palpation (enlarged spleen = splenomegaly) + neutropenia (low WBCs count).

This is not a perfect mnemonic. Can you help to make it better?

Rheumatoid arthritis extra-articular manifestations:
• arm paresthesias and hyperreflexia → C1-C2 subluxation (increased risk with intubation)
• cough, fever, pulmonary infiltrates → bronchiolitis obliterans organizing pneumonia
• foot drop or wrist drop → mononeuritis multiplex (vasculitis)
• hoarseness → cricoarytenoid involvement
• multiple basilar pulmonary nodules → Caplan syndrome
• dry eyes and/or mouth → Sjögren syndrome
• pleural effusion with low plasma glucose (<30 mg/dL) → rheumatoid pleuritis
• pulmonary fibrosis → rheumatoid interstitial lung disease
• skin ulcers, peripheral neuropathy → rheumatoid vasculitis
• splenomegaly and granulocytopenia → Felty syndrome
• heart failure → rheumatoid disease or anti-TNF therapy.

The 5 W’s of myasthenia gravis

17 Jun

Waxing and

Waning (fluctuating)

Weakness with

Work (fatigability), mostly in


Signs of TTP – FAT RN

17 Jun

F – Fever

A – Anemia Hemolytic

T – Thrombocytopenia

R – Renal abnormalities

N – Neurolgical abnormalities


HUS/TTP is a CRAFTY syndrome:

C : CNS symptoms

R : Renal failure

A : Anemia (microangiopathic hemolytic anemia, “MAHA”)

F : Fever T : Thrombocytopenia

Y : no one knows “Y” it occurs

ABGs – the complete guide

23 Oct

We will start with the well known ABGs mnemonic ROME, but this time will go further and make a complete guide of PDFs, PPTs, videos, graphs, and other helpful tools.

ROME mnemonic:

Respiratory opposite (pH and CO2 go opposite directions in resp disorders)

Metabolic equal (pH and HCO3 go same direction in metabolic disorders)


Another similar mnemonic:

saME = MEtabolic

REverse = REspiratory

Watch this video for more information.


To be continued………..

Cocaine overdose treatment mnemonic

13 Oct

It’s illegal drug. BAN cocaine.

B - Benzodiazepines

A - Aspirin

N - Nitroglycerin SL

Multiple myeloma – CRAB

13 Oct

C – Calcium (increased)

R- renal failure

A – Anemia

B – Bone lesions

Reaching and Leaving – the EKG mnemonic

17 Sep

EKG mnemonic: how to assess the axis.

1. Look at leads I and aVF. In normal EKG, the QRS should be going up in both leads.

2. If the leads are Reaching towards each other (down in I, and up in aVF), we have Right axis deviation.

3. If the leads are Leaving each other (up in I and down in aVF) , we have Left axis deviation.

Image source:

Rule of thumb: the heart rotates towards hypertrophy and away from infarction (Source: LITFL)

Mnemonic for Rotator Cuff Muscles

8 Sep

This mnemonic was contributed by Ashley. Thank you.




Teres Minor


Migraine headache mnemonic

5 Sep



duration 4-72 hOurs


Nausea & vomiting




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